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VSA online plumbing fixtures

Product Catalog

Below is the complete list of all the Products available on VSA rubinetteria online.

"Siphon 1""1/4" SI-I-001 SI-I-001
"Siphon 1""1/4" BT690 BT690
Shower bar with shower kit 1000-205 1000-205
Shower bar with shower kit 1000D-205 1000D-205
Shower bar with shower kit 1001-205 1001-205
Shower bar with shower kit 1002-206 1002-206
Shower bar with shower kit 1003-204 1003-204
Shower bar with shower kit 1005-201 1005-201
Shower bar with shower kit 1008-205 1008-205
Shower bar with shower kit 1010-C 1010-C
Shower bar with shower kit 1011-C 1011-C
Shower bar with shower kit 1020-E 1020-E
Shower bar with shower kit COLORADO GOLD 1017.233-G 1017.233-G
Shower bar with shower kit COLUMBIA 1019-260 1019-260
Shower bar without shower kit 1009-C 1009-C
Bath spout 3B 3B
Bath spout 4B 4B
Bath spout 5B 5B
Bath spout 6B 6B
Bath spout 7B 7B
Bath spout 8B 8B
Bath spout ARKANSAS 10B 10B
Bath spout COLORADO 15B-C 15B-C
Body jet 433 433
Body jet 434 434
Body jet 435 435
Body jet 436 436
Shower arm 30 30
Shower arm 31 31
Shower arm 32 32
Shower arm 33 33
Shower arm 34 34
Shower arm 35 35
Shower arm 35A 35A
Shower arm 36 36
Shower arm 36A 36A
Shower arm 37 37
Shower arm ARM01-E ARM01-E
Shower arm with shower head COLORADO 1018-234-C 1018-234-C
Shower arm with shower head COLUMBIA 38-261 38-261
Universal spare cartridge Ø 35 mm with distributor C35-CD
Universal spare cartridge Ø 35 mm without distributor C35-SD
Universal spare cartridge Ø 40 mm without distributor C40-SD
Shower column 2001-407-205 2001-407-205
Shower column 2002-408-204 2002-408-204
Shower column 2004-C 2004-C
Shower column 2005-C 2005-C
Shower column 2006-C 2006-C
Shower column 2104-SS 2104-SS
Shower column 2911-E 2911-E
Shower column 3000-150-403-205 3000-150-403-205
Shower column 3000-170-404-205 3000-170-404-205
Shower column 3001-160-408-204 3001-160-408-204
Shower column 3002-150-404-205 3002-150-404-205
Shower column 3004-180-222 3004-180-222
Shower column 6022.RS-211-53-C 6022.RS-211-53-C
Shower column 700.304-C 700.304-C
Shower column 700.304-E 700.304-E
Shower column 701.304-C 701.304-C
Shower column 701.304-E 701.304-E
Shower column 705.304-E 705.304-E
Wall Shower column 2000-403-205 2000-403-205
Shower column COLORADO 5500.1.234-C 5500.1.234-C
Shower column COLORADO 5500.2.234-C 5500.2.234-C
Shower column COLORADO GOLD 6600.1.233-G 6600.1.233-G
Shower column COLORADO GOLD 6600.2.233-G 6600.2.233-G
Shower column COLUMBIA 5600.2-C-260 5600.2-C-260
Shower column COLUMBIA 5600.2T-C-260 5600.2T-C-260
Free standing bath mixer ALLYN 2200-222 2200-222
Free standing bath mixer ARKANSAS 5300,214 5300.214
Free standing bath mixer COLUMBIA 5600-260 5600-260
Free standing bath mixer GILA 2300-201 2300-201
Free standing bath mixer ISIM 7501-E 7501-E
Free standing bath mixer KAMA 2400-201 2400-201
Free standing bath mixer NIAGARA 2500.8B.201 2500.8B.201
Free standing bath mixer YUKON 6000,212 6000.212
Pair of connecting hoses 40 cm FLEX40
Pair of connecting hoses 60 cm FLEX60
Seifenspender 10A 10A
Seifenspender 11A 11A
Seifenspender 11A-B 11A-B
Seifenspender 12A 12A
Seifenspender 16A 16A
Seifenspender 24A 24A
Seifenspender 25A 25A
Seifenspender 44A 44A
Seifenspender 45A 45A
Soap dispenser SP-I-001 SP-I-001
Magnetic Anti-Scale Device 1/2' AC-03 AC-03
Magnetic Anti-Scale Device AC-01 AC-01
Magnetic Anti-Scale Device AC-03S AC-03S
Magnetic Anti-Scale Device AC-10 AC-10
Magnetic Anti-Scale Device AC-12 AC-12
Hand shower 204 204
Hand shower 205 205
Hand shower 210 210
Hand shower 211 211
Hand shower 215 215
Hand shower 218 218
Hand shower 219 219
Hand shower 220 220
Hand shower 221 221
Hand shower 240-E 240-E
1-way thermostatic shower mixer 178-E 178-E
1-way thermostatic shower mixer 9209 9209
1-way thermostatic shower mixer 9309 9309
1-way thermostatic shower mixer ARKANSAS 5300-179D 5300-179D
2-way thermostatic shower mixer 178D-E 178D-E
2-way thermostatic shower mixer 9217 9217
2-way thermostatic shower mixer 9317 9317
Eccentric with Magnetic Anti-Scale Device EC-03S EC-03S
Magnetic Anti-Scale Device 3/4' AC-02 AC-02
150 cm shower hose Div91 Div91
150 cm shower hose FLEX01-E FLEX01-E
2-hole deck-mounted bath group NIAGARA 2519.2 2519.2
3-hole deck-mounted bath group GILA 2319.3 2319.3
3-hole deck-mounted bath group KAMA 2419.3 2419.3
3-hole deck-mounted bath group PECOS 2819.3 2819.3
3-hole deck-mounted bath group YUKON 6019.3 6019.3
4-hole deck-mounted bath group ALLYN 2219.4.222 2219.4.222
4-hole deck-mounted bath group ARKANSAS 5319.4.214 5319.4.214
4-hole deck-mounted bath group GILA 2319.4.201 2319.4.201
4-hole deck-mounted bath group KAMA 2419.4.201 2419.4.201
4-hole deck-mounted bath group NIAGARA 2519.4.201 2519.4.201
4-hole deck-mounted bath group YUKON 6019.4.212 6019.4.212
5-hole deck-mounted bath group ALLYN 2219.5.222 2219.5.222
5-hole deck-mounted bath group ARKANSAS 5319.5.214 5319.5.214
5-hole deck-mounted bath group GILA 2319.5.201 2319.5.201
5-hole deck-mounted bath group KAMA 2419.5.201 2419.5.201
5-hole deck-mounted bath group PECOS 2819.5.208 2819.5.208
5-hole deck-mounted bath group YUKON 6019.5.212 6019.5.212
External shower group ALDAN 2602-A 2602-A
External shower group ALLYN 2202 2202
External shower group COLORADO 5500.2-C 5500.2-C
External shower group COLORADO GOLD 6600.2-G 6600.2-G
External shower group COLUMBIA 5600.2-C 5600.2-C
External shower group DANUBIO 9000.2-C 9000.2-C
External shower group ELBA 3300.2-C 3300.2-C
External shower group GILA 2302 2302
External shower group GREEN 13900.2.1.172-C 13900.2.1.172-C
External shower group GREEN 13900.2.172-C 13900.2.172-C
External shower group ISAR 8000.2-C 8000.2-C
External shower group ISIM 11800.2.67-E 11800.2.67-E
External shower group ISIM 11900.2.1.70-E 11900.2.1.70-E
External shower group KAMA 2402 2402
External shower group MISSOURI 1200.2.53-C 1200.2.53-C
External shower group NIAGARA 2502 2502
External shower group PECOS 2802 2802
External shower group SENNA 4400.2-C 4400.2-C
External shower group TICINO 13700.2.143-C 13700.2.143-C
External shower group YUKON 6002-C 6002-C
External thermostatic shower group 11900.THERM02-E 11900.THERM02-E
External thermostatic shower group 9100.2.182-E 9100.2.182-E
External thermostatic shower group 9100.2S.182-E 9100.2S.182-E
External thermostatic shower group 9402-C 9402-C
External thermostatic shower group 9502-C 9502-C
External thermostatic shower group 9502.1-C 9502.1-C
External thermostatic shower group 9502.2-C 9502.2-C
External thermostatic shower group 9802-C 9802-C
External thermostatic shower group 9802.1-C 9802.1-C
External thermostatic shower group 9902-C 9902-C
Thermostatic basin group 9903-C 9903-C
External bath group ALDAN 2601-B 2601-B
External bath group ALLYN 2201 2201
External bath group ARKANSAS 5301 5301
External bath group COLORADO 5500.1-C 5500.1-C
External bath group COLORADO GOLD 6600.1-G 6600.1-G
External bath group COLUMBIA 5600.1-C 5600.1-C
External bath group DANUBIO 9000.1-C 9000.1-C
External bath group ELBA 3300.1-C 3300.1-C
External bath group GILA 2301 2301
External bath group GREEN 13900.1.172-C 13900.1.172-C
External bath group ISAR 8000.1-C 8000.1-C
External bath group ISIM 11800.1.67-E 11800.1.67-E
External bath group KAMA 2401 2401
External bath group MISSOURI 1200.1.53-C 1200.1.53-C
External bath group NIAGARA 2501.8B.201 2501.8B.201
External bath group PECOS 2801 2801
External bath group SENNA 4400.1-C 4400.1-C
External bath group TICINO 13700.1.143-C 13700.1.143-C
External bath group YUKON 6001-C 6001-C
External thermostatic bath group 9100.1.182-E 9100.1.182-E
External thermostatic bath group 9801-C 9801-C
External thermostatic bath group 9901-C 9901-C
External thermostatic bath group ARKANSAS 5300,181 5300.181
Universal replacement handle Ø 25 LVCR-0024
Universal replacement handle Ø 35 LVCR-0011
Universal replacement handle Ø 35 LVCR-0014
Universal replacement handle Ø 40 LVCR-0006
Universal replacement handle Ø 40 LVCR-0006A
Universal replacement handle Ø 40 LVCR-0018
Universal replacement handle Ø 40 LVCR-0020
Universal replacement handle Ø 40 LVCR-0021
Sicherheitsgriff 14A 14A
Regal 13A-B 13A-B
Regal 21A 21A
Regal 33A 33A
Regal 39A 39A
Regal 49A 49A
Bidet mixer ALDAN 2604 2604
Bidet mixer ALLYN 2204 2204
Bidet mixer COLORADO 5500.4-C 5500.4-C
Bidet mixer COLORADO GOLD 6600.4-G 6600.4-G
Bidet mixer COLUMBIA 5600.4-C 5600.4-C
Bidet mixer DANUBIO 9000.4-C 9000.4-C
Bidet mixer GILA 2304 2304
Bidet mixer GREEN 13900.4.172-C 13900.4.172-C
Bidet mixer ISAR 8000.4-C 8000.4-C
Bidet mixer ISIM 11800.4.67-E 11800.4.67-E
Bidet mixer KAMA 2404 2404
Bidet mixer MINIMAL 262 262
Bidet mixer MISSOURI 1200.4.53-C 1200.4.53-C
Bidet mixer OKA 316 31600.4-E 31600.4-E
Bidet mixer PECOS 2804 2804
Bidet mixer SENNA 4400.4-C 4400.4-C
Bidet mixer TICINO 13700.4.143-C 13700.4.143-C
Bidet mixer YUKON 6004-C 6004-C
1-way manual shower mixer ALDAN 2609-A 2609-A
1-way manual shower mixer ALLYN 2209 2209
1-way manual shower mixer COLORADO 5500.9-C 5500.9-C
1-way manual shower mixer DANUBIO 9000.9-C 9000.9-C
1-way manual shower mixer GILA 2309-A 2309-A
1-way manual shower mixer GREEN 13900.9.172-C 13900.9.172-C
1-way manual shower mixer ISAR 8000.9-C 8000.9-C
1-way manual shower mixer ISIM 11800.9.67-E 11800.9.67-E
1-way manual shower mixer ISIM 11800.9G.67-E 11800.9G.67-E
1-way manual shower mixer KAMA 2409-A 2409-A
1-way manual shower mixer NIAGARA 2509 2509
1-way manual shower mixer PECOS 2809-A 2809-A
1-way manual shower mixer TICINO 13700.9.143-C 13700.9.143-C
1-way manual shower mixer YUKON 6009-A 6009-A
2-way manual shower mixer ALDAN 2609 2609
2-way manual shower mixer ALLYN 2217 2217
2-way manual shower mixer COLORADO 5500.17-C 5500.17-C
2-way manual shower mixer ELBA 3300.17-C 3300.17-C
2-way manual shower mixer GILA 2309 2309
2-way manual shower mixer GREEN 13900.17.172-C 13900.17.172-C
2-way manual shower mixer ISIM 11800.17G.67-E 11800.17G.67-E
2-way manual shower mixer ISIM 180-E 180-E
2-way manual shower mixer KAMA 2409.9 2409.9
2-way manual shower mixer NIAGARA 2509.9 2509.9
2-way manual shower mixer PECOS 2809 2809
2-way manual shower mixer SENNA 4400.17-C 4400.17-C
2-way manual shower mixer TICINO 13700.17.143-C 13700.17.143-C
2-way manual shower mixer YUKON 6009 6009
3-way manual shower mixer COLUMBIA 5600.19-C 5600.19-C
3-way manual shower mixer ELBA 3300.19-C 3300.19-C
3-way manual shower mixer SENNA 4400.19-C 4400.19-C
Basin mixer ALDAN 2603 2603
Basin mixer ALDAN 2603-A 2603-A
Basin mixer ALDAN 2603-B 2603-B
Basin mixer ALLYN 2203 2203
Basin mixer ALLYN 2203-A 2203-A
Basin mixer ARKANSAS 5303 5303
Basin mixer ARKANSAS 5303-A 5303-A
Basin mixer COLORADO 5500.3-C 5500.3-C
Basin mixer COLORADO 5500.3A-C 5500.3A-C
Basin mixer COLORADO GOLD 6600.3-G 6600.3-G
Basin mixer COLORADO GOLD 6600.3A-G 6600.3A-G
Basin mixer COLUMBIA 5600.3-C 5600.3-C
Basin mixer COLUMBIA 5600.3A-C 5600.3A-C
Basin mixer DANUBIO 9000.3-C 9000.3-C
Basin mixer ELBA 3300.3-C 3300.3-C
Basin mixer ELBA 3300.3A-C 3300.3A-C
Basin mixer GILA 2303 2303
Basin mixer GILA 2303-A 2303-A
Basin mixer GILA 2303-B 2303-B
Basin mixer GREEN 13900.3.172-C 13900.3.172-C
Basin mixer GREEN 13901.3.172-C 13901.3.172-C
Basin mixer ISAR 8000.3-C 8000.3-C
Basin mixer ISIM 11800.3.67-E 11800.3.67-E
Basin mixer ISIM 11800.3.B.67-E 11800.3.B.67-E
Basin mixer KAMA 2403 2403
Basin mixer KAMA 2403-A 2403-A
Basin mixer KAMA 2403-B 2403-B
Basin mixer MINIMAL 261 261
Basin mixer MINIMAL 261-H 261-H
Basin mixer MISSOURI 1200.3.53-C 1200.3.53-C
Basin mixer NIAGARA 2503-4.8B 2503-4.8B
Basin mixer NIAGARA 2503.8B-A 2503.8B-A
Basin mixer NIAGARA 2503.8B-B 2503.8B-B
Basin mixer PECOS 2803 2803
Basin mixer PECOS 2803-B 2803-B
Basin mixer PECOS 2803-C 2803-C
Basin mixer SENNA 4400.3-C 4400.3-C
Basin mixer SENNA 4400.3A-C 4400.3A-C
Basin mixer TICINO 13700.3.143-C 13700.3.143-C
Basin mixer YUKON 6003-C 6003-C
Basin mixer YUKON 6003.B-C 6003.B-C
Built-in basin mixer COLUMBIA 5600.5-C 5600.5-C
Built-in basin mixer GILA 2303.5 2303.5
Built-in basin mixer KAMA 2403.5 2403.5
Built-in basin mixer PECOS 2803.5 2803.5
Built-in basin mixer YUKON 6033-C 6033-C
Basin mixer OKA 31600.3-E 31600.3-E
Basin mixer OKA 316 31600.3A-E 31600.3A-E
Kitchen Sink mixer 11800.7.67-E 11800.7.67-E
Kitchen Sink mixer 1200.6.53-C 1200.6.53-C
Kitchen Sink mixer 1200.7.53-C 1200.7.53-C
Kitchen Sink mixer 13-1075-C 13-1075-C
Kitchen Sink mixer 13700.6.143-C 13700.6.143-C
Kitchen Sink mixer 13700.7.143-C 13700.7.143-C
Kitchen Sink mixer 13702.7.143-C 13702.7.143-C
Kitchen Sink mixer 13703.7.143-C 13703.7.143-C
Kitchen Sink mixer 13900.7.172-C 13900.7.172-C
Kitchen Sink mixer 13900.86.172-C 13900.86.172-C
Kitchen Sink mixer 2803-A 2803-A
Kitchen Sink mixer 8000.7-C 8000.7-C
3-way purified water kitchen sink mixer 11600.7.16-C 11600.7.16-C
3-way purified water kitchen sink mixer MC-I-0012 MC-I-0012
3-way purified water kitchen sink mixer MC-I-0026 MC-I-0026
3-way purified water kitchen sink mixer MC-I-0027 MC-I-0027
3-way purified water kitchen sink mixer MC-I-0045 MC-I-0045
3-way purified water kitchen sink mixer MC-I-0046 MC-I-0046
Kitchen sink mixer with dishwasher connection 13-1084-C 13-1084-C
Kitchen sink mixer with dishwasher connection MC-I-0037 MC-I-0037
Kitchen sink mixer with dishwasher connection, low pressure 13-1084-C-ND 13-1084-C-ND
Swivel spout kitchen sink mixer  MC-O-001 MC-O-001
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower 13-1085-C 13-1085-C
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower 13-1085-C-ND 13-1085-C-ND
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-I-0011 MC-I-0011
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-I-0030 MC-I-0030
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-I-0032 MC-I-0032
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-I-0033 MC-I-0033
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-I-0034 MC-I-0034
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-I-0035 MC-I-0035
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-I-0038 MC-I-0038
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-I-0047 MC-I-0047
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-O-003 MC-O-003
Kitchen sink mixer with pull-out shower MC-O-004 MC-O-004
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-I-0004 MC-I-0004
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-I-0009 MC-I-0009
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-I-0010 MC-I-0010
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-I-0031 MC-I-0031
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-I-0039 MC-I-0039
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-I-0040 MC-I-0040
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-I-0042 MC-I-0042
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-I-0044 MC-I-0044
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-O-002 MC-O-002
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-O-005 MC-O-005
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-O-014 MC-O-014
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-O-016 MC-O-016
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-O-018 MC-O-018
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-O-019 MC-O-019
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-O-020 MC-O-020
Kitchen Sink mixer MC-O-021 MC-O-021
Kitchen sink mixer for boiling water 98° PERFECTO MC-I-0050 MC-I-0050
Kitchen sink mixer for boiling water 98° PERFECTO MC-O-026 MC-O-026
Professional single lever kitchen sink mixer MC-O-006 MC-O-006
Under-window kitchen sink mixer 13701.7.143-C 13701.7.143-C
Kitchen sink mixer, low pressure 13-1075-C-ND 13-1075-C-ND
Kitchen sink mixer, TOUCH MC-O-022 MC-O-022
Kitchen sink mixer, TOUCH MC-O-024 MC-O-024
Kitchen sink mixer, TOUCH MC-O-025 MC-O-025
Shower panel 300-C 300-C
Shower panel 300-E 300-E
Shower panel 301-C 301-C
Shower panel 301-E 301-E
Shower panel 322-C 322-C
Shower panel 322-E 322-E
Shower panel 323-C 323-C
Shower panel 323-E 323-E
Shower panel 329-C 329-C
Shower panel 329-E 329-E
Shower panel 330-C 330-C
Shower panel 330-E 330-E
Shower panel 331-C 331-C
Shower panel 331-E 331-E
Shower panel 332-C 332-C
Shower panel 333-C 333-C
Shower panel 337-C 337-C
Shower panel 337-E 337-E
Thermostatic shower panel 303-C 303-C
Thermostatic shower panel 303-E 303-E
Thermostatic shower panel 304-C 304-C
Thermostatic shower panel 304-E 304-E
Thermostatic shower panel 307R-C 307R-C
Thermostatic shower panel 307R-E 307R-E
Thermostatic shower panel 309-C 309-C
Thermostatic shower panel 309-E 309-E
Thermostatic shower panel 310-C 310-C
Thermostatic shower panel 310-E 310-E
Thermostatic shower panel 311-C 311-C
Thermostatic shower panel 311-E 311-E
Thermostatic shower panel 312-C 312-C
Thermostatic shower panel 312-E 312-E
Thermostatic shower panel 314-C 314-C
Thermostatic shower panel 314-E 314-E
Thermostatic shower panel 315-C 315-C
Thermostatic shower panel 315-E 315-E
Thermostatic shower panel 317-BL 317-BL
Thermostatic shower panel 317-WH 317-WH
Thermostatic shower panel 319-C 319-C
Thermostatic shower panel 319-E 319-E
Thermostatic shower panel 320-C 320-C
Thermostatic shower panel 320-E 320-E
Thermostatic shower panel 324-C 324-C
Thermostatic shower panel 324-E 324-E
Thermostatic shower panel 325-C 325-C
Thermostatic shower panel 325-E 325-E
Thermostatic shower panel 336-C 336-C
Thermostatic shower panel 336-E 336-E
Kleiderhaken 26A 26A
Kleiderhaken 27A 27A
Kleiderhaken 48A 48A
Becherhalter 23A 23A
Becherhalter 46A 46A
Toilettenpapierhalter 28A 28A
Toilettenpapierhalter 29A 29A
Toilettenpapierhalter 43A 43A
Handtuchhalter 19A 19A
Handtuchhalter 20A 20A
Handtuchhalter 30A 30A
Handtuchhalter 34A 34A
Handtuchhalter 35.A 35.A
Handtuchhalter 36.A 36.A
Handtuchhalter 37A 37A
Handtuchhalter 51A 51A
Toilettenbürstenhalter 31A 31A
Toilettenbürstenhalter 50A 50A
Toilettenbürstenhalter 52A 52A
Water connection 800 800
Water connection 801 801
Water connection COLUMBIA 807 807
Water connection with hand shower holder 802 802
Water connection with hand shower holder 803 803
Water connection with hand shower holder WAT01-E WAT01-E
Water connection WAT02-E WAT02-E
3-way purified water faucet RU-I-0005 RU-I-0005
Stop faucet 85 85
Stop faucet 86 86
Stop faucet RU-I-0003 RU-I-0003
Stop Faucets with magnetic Anti-Scale Device SF-03S SF-03S
Stop Faucets with magnetic Anti-Scale Device SF-03S-E SF-03S-E
Dual lever sink mixer with swivel spout MC-O-015 MC-O-015
3-hole basin tap ARKANSAS 5319.3.214 5319.3.214
3-hole basin tap COLORADO 5500.3.8-C 5500.3.8-C
3-hole basin tap COLORADO GOLD 6600.3.8-G 6600.3.8-G
3-hole basin tap ELBA 3300.3.8-C 3300.3.8-C
Sensor tap ISIM 11800-E 11800-E
Wall-mounted pillar tap RU-O-014 RU-O-014
Wall-mounted pillar tap RU-O-015 RU-O-015
1-way pillar tap RU-I-0002 RU-I-0002
One-way pillar tap RU-O-009 RU-O-009
One-way pillar tap RU-O-010 RU-O-010
One-way pillar tap RU-O-011 RU-O-011
One-way pillar tap RU-O-012 RU-O-012
One-way pillar tap RU-O-013 RU-O-013
Progressive single lever sink mixer with swivel spout MC-I-0005 MC-I-0005
Click-clack drain with overflow PUCC01-CT-E PUCC01-CT-E
Click-clack drain with overflow PW721 PW721
Click-clack drain without overflow PUCC01-ST-E PUCC01-ST-E
Universal click-clack drain PUCC-UNI-E PUCC-UNI-E
Shower kit COLORADO 234-C 234-C
Shower kit COLORADO GOLD 233-54-G 233-54-G
Shower kit YUKON 212 212
Boiling water system 98° PERFECTO BO98-03 BO98-03
Wall mounted shower head 600 600
Wall mounted shower head with waterfall 601 601
Wall mounted shower head with waterfall 602 602
Stainless steel shower head 200x200 mm 416-AS 416-AS
Stainless steel shower head 250x250 mm 418-AL 418-AL
Stainless steel shower head 250x250 mm 418-AS 418-AS
Stainless steel shower head 300x300 mm 407-AL 407-AL
Stainless steel shower head 300x300 mm 407-AS 407-AS
Stainless steel shower head 350x350 mm 409-AL 409-AL
Stainless steel shower head 350x350 mm 409-AS 409-AS
Stainless steel wall mounted shower head 463-AL 463-AL
Stainless steel wall mounted shower head 463-AS 463-AS
Stainless steel wall mounted shower head with waterfall 415-AL 415-AL
Stainless steel wall mounted shower head with waterfall 415-AS 415-AS
Stainless steel shower head Ø 200 mm 417-AL 417-AL
Stainless steel shower head Ø 200 mm 417-AS 417-AS
Stainless steel shower head Ø 250 mm 419-AL 419-AL
Stainless steel shower head Ø 250 mm 419-AS 419-AS
Stainless steel shower head Ø 300 mm 408-AL 408-AL
Stainless steel shower head Ø 300 mm 408-AS 408-AS
Stainless steel shower head Ø 350 mm 410-AL 410-AL
Stainless steel shower head Ø 350 mm 410-AS 410-AS
Brass shower head 250x170 mm 431 431
Brass shower head 250x250 mm 427 427
Brass shower head 300x200 mm 429 429
Brass shower head 300x200 mm 432 432
Brass shower head 300x300 mm 428 428
Brass shower head 400x400 mm 430 430
Brass shower head Ø 250 mm 422 422
Brass shower head Ø 300 mm 423 423
Brass shower head Ø 400 mm 424 424
Shower holder 50 50
Shower holder 51 51
Shower holder ARKANSAS 63 63
Shower holder HOL01-E HOL01-E

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